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“Dr. Kinchen, I wanted to thank you for going the extra mile for me. I also finally got some relief on my tailbone with Dr. Enty. He gave me the shot and he was great! Also, I saw Dr. Flowers and she was great as well. Thank you for everything!! Margaret D.”
Lori W.

“She is amazing, I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone needing surgery. She not only quickly identified my problem but took care of it quickly. She put my needs and concerns first and foremost. All options were clearly explained and all my questions answered no matter how simple they were until I had all the information needed. In addition, she has a superb staff that supported with the same high standards. Words cannot clearly express how fabulous Dr. Kinchen and her team are.”
Lori W.


“The process was very quick and easy I didn’t have hardly any pain afterward! The whole staff was great, anytime I called the office and asked a question I would always get a great response!”
Texas H.


“My experience with Dr. Kinchen and staff was like being with extended family. They took the time to express care and concern for me and to explain everything in a way I could understand. I felt very educated about the experience I was about to receive and this helped me to feel very comfortable and at ease.”
Shenekqual R.


“Everybody was lovely, good and nice in that office. They all knew me by name and talked to me like they had known me for years. I felt at home with Dr. Kinchen and she explained everything very well. You don’t always get that with a doctor. Very good Doctor!  I wish to see them all again even though I am not sick!”
Izzledean H.


“I was in so much pain before and I knew the pain doctors couldn’t help me. Finally, my PA recommended Dr. Kinchen. I felt really comfortable with her and I appreciated her calmness and how she explained everything to me. There is no comparison from where I was before surgery, I could barely stand. My husband is amazed by how much I can do now.”
Shirley S.


“Dr. Kinchen changed my life. Prior to my surgery (Anterior cervical fusion), I lived in pain. I tried physical therapy, medication and steroid injections. At some point, I was referred to Dr. Kinchen.

From the moment I walked into her office, I knew I was in the hands of a caring physician. The appearance of the office is so clean and inviting. You are greeted by her friendly staff and the entire experience from beginning to end has been nothing short of a five-star rating.

Dr. Kinchen and her staff make your experience personable. Everything is explained to you in a way that you will understand. The wait in the lobby is never long yet you never feel rushed when speaking with the doctor.

My surgery went extremely well. From day one after my surgery, I could feel the difference. I am at my three-month point after surgery and if I had it to do all over, I would have come to Dr. Kinchen sooner.”
LeShon A.


“Dr. Kinchen showed the utmost professionalism and her staff was very courteous. I have been pain-free since having my surgery. I love her and I will recommend her to anyone!”
Joan V.


“I was a little nervous before meeting with Dr. Kinchen. I had four fusions and a ruptured disc. After I met Dr. Kinchen I was very impressed with how intelligent she really is. I felt like I was in the best hands. Since surgery, I have been without pain and I can fully bend. It was the best experience ever! Her staff is very professional and friendly.”
Michael B.


“I was only able to walk about 50 yards before I would have to stop and rest because of the pain. Dr. Kinchen is a no nonsense type of doctor, she doesn’t sugar coat anything. My wife felt very comfortable with her as well. After surgery, I am completely pain-free.”
John N.


“I saw her credentials online and was very pleased. After meeting with Dr. Kinchen I felt like she listened to my problems and she was very professional. Her staff was so nice, the BEST experience! I have been pain-free, zero pain with more mobility now than I have ever had in my neck.”
Pamela R.


“Before meeting Dr. Kinchen I had read her credentials online and I was amazed. After I had gotten the chance to meet her she showed extreme care about my complaints. The best staff by far, they were outstanding!”
Robert B.


“I was referred to Dr. Kinchen from Grapevine Hospital Emergency. I went in on a Wednesday and had my surgery that Friday. I was a little scared because I had never been in a hospital before but after meeting with Dr. Kinchen I knew I was in good hands. I haven’t had any more issues. The staff was wonderful and very friendly!”
Jesus P.


“I first met Dr. Kinchen 4–5 years ago when I took my mother-in-law to see her. There was something about the way she talked to mom (who was 84 at the time) that always stayed with me. She truly cared about her patients, what they were going through…she listened to them. So when I finally decided it was time to do something about my scoliosis and chronic back pain I had been experiencing most of my adult life, it was a no-brainer. I started my process with Dr. Kinchen in Dec. 2015. She started by addressing the actual issues I was having, working on them one by one. She wasn’t interested in getting me in the OR to get another surgery under her belt. She expressed genuine interest and compassion in me, my life, my feelings, and what sort of outcome I would expect to attain.

We worked on my pain issues with other doctors and finally came to the point where my only choice was surgery. Dr. Kinchen and her staff were thorough and helpful in making all the arrangements, calling insurance, and making me feel totally comfortable with our choice. I even requested the surgery be close to our house for convenience (mostly for my husband); Dr. Kinchen was reluctant to give in as she wanted me to be at the best hospital for her and the surgery. Again, I wasn’t looking forward to having back surgery; however, I knew I wanted to have a better quality of life and this was the way to get there.

I’m now almost three months from my posterior spinal fusion T10 to S1 with decompression L3–L5. I’m not totally sure I understand the terminology and what all it entails…then again, I’m not sure I want to. All I know is I don’t have the constant pain I had experienced every day. Now don’t get me wrong, I had pain after the surgery, when I woke up, tried to move for the first time and for a few weeks after. It’s just not the same pain. It was different ‘surgery’ pain…something I could deal with and knew it would get better. Now I’m pain-free. I get uncomfortable at the end of the day and get tired easy, but I no longer have chronic pain.

Let me go back to Dr. Kinchen and her staff. I’m not even sure I can tell you how amazing they are just words. Every step of the way they met me with care and professionalism. It didn’t matter how big or small my question or concern was, they got back to me immediately with an answer. Dr. Kinchen came to see me every morning and was very reassuring every step of the way. I’ve seen so many doctors over the years who all said, ‘You need to exercise, do yoga, or just strengthen my core as my pain was in my head.’ They never heard what I was saying, how I felt. Dr. Kinchen listened to me and heard what I was feeling. I have my life back already. I know it’s only going to get better with time and healing.

I’ve never written a review for a doctor; however, I truly felt I needed to share my wonderful experience with everyone. I know how hard it is to find someone for surgery. It’s a huge decision,  but I hope this helps make it easier for you.”
Sharon B.