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Why Choose Stem Cell Treatment Over Surgery?

Are you suffering from back pain? If so, you may be thinking about undergoing a surgical procedure. Even though surgery might be an option in some situations, you need to make sure you understand all your options before you make a decision.

That way, you can make the best choice for your long-term health. One option could involve stem cell therapy. What are stem cells, and how does stem cell therapy work? Take a look at some helpful information below, and remember to speak to a trained medical professional before you decide which treatment option is best for you.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the body's raw materials. Before your cells divide and become muscle cells, ligaments cells, tendon cells, and bone cells, they start as stem cells. Then, stem cells receive signals from the rest of the body letting you know what type of cell they are supposed to be calm. For example, if you have suffered a ligament sprain, and your body needs to recover from this, stem cells differentiate and become ligament cells, helping you recover from that injury. 

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a field of regenerative medicine. When you suffer an injury, your body usually replaces this injured tissue with scar tissue. Even though scar tissue is better than nothing, it is not the same as native tissue. The goal of stem cell therapy is to place themselves in a part of the body that is still recovering from a previous injury. Then, these stem cells will differentiate, becoming the type of cell your body needs to complete the recovery process. For example, if you have suffered a shoulder injury, then stem cells may be injected into your shoulder, helping you replace scar tissue with native tissue. This could help you regain your flexibility, strength, and range of motion. 

Why Choose Stem Cell Treatment Over Surgery?

There are several reasons why you should choose stem cell treatment over surgery. These include:

  • Surgery has a greater risk of leading to side effects and complications, which could include chronic pain.
  • Stem cell treatment is less invasive than surgery. You don’t have to worry about a scalpal being used in the treatment process.
  • If you go with stem cell therapy, you still leave your options open. If stem cell therapy doesn't work as well as you would like, you can still have surgery later. 
  • Stem cell treatment is a more cost-effective option than surgery. 

These are just a few of the many reasons why stem cell treatment may be a better treatment option than surgery. 

Talk to a Trained Professional Today About Back Pain Treatment

Even though surgery might be on the table if you are suffering from back pain, you should also think about stem cell treatment. This could be a less invasive, less risky, and more cost-effective treatment option for your back pain. Contact 360 Back and Spine Center today to talk to our friendly staff about stem cell therapy for back pain. 

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