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Genetic Back Problems in Fort Worth and Grapevine

At 360 Back and Spine, we treat everything from genetic back problems to back injuries at our Texas locations in Fort Worth and Grapevine. Dr. Kinchen specializes in back disorders and orthopaedic surgical procedures, and she has helped many people banish back pain from their lives and heal from an accident.

From treating those with predispositions to ankylosing spondylitis, to addressing the pain and discomfort that result from a vertebral fracture, she is here to make sure you have what you need to heal. She also tries to help patients prevent back problems from progressing whenever possible.

Our team works hard to help patients understand the latest research, including how back conditions such as degenerative disc disorder may have a genetic component. Our practice is comprehensive, and we strive to prevent, diagnose, and treat people with the utmost care and compassion. Back problems can be painful and complex, but we’re here to help you feel better—and we know how to make that happen.

Preventative screenings and diagnostic tests for back problems

If you are able to identify any possible links in your family history that may point to potential back problems, you may want to consider periodic preventative screenings at our facility in Fort Worth. Dr. Kinchen will help advise you on what tests may be warranted based on your genetics, and schedule them accordingly. If you are starting to experience back problems, we can test to evaluate your condition as well. Some of the screening and diagnostic testing methods we use in our practice include:

Physical exam

This is the most basic test for back problems, and it can be done quickly by the doctor right here in our office. We’ll perform a variety of different tests, such as looking at reflexes and your gait, and we’ll also ask you some questions. Physical testing can help you keep an eye on the health of your back, as well as help the doctor learn about any problems you’re experiencing.

Medical scans

Imaging tests such as MRIs or CAT scans can be extremely helpful when it comes to monitoring back health and identifying problems accurately. These tests allow us to pinpoint exact areas and get a clear idea of what is causing the problem—or highlight any areas that you may want to keep an eye on.

Treatment options for back issues

There are many different treatment options for back problems, regardless of their origin. At 360 Back and Spine, we customize our treatment approach based completely on the individual and their specific back issues. Since everyone is unique, it makes sense the recommendations should vary for each person. For example, someone with chronic lower back pain won’t require the same kind of treatment as another person who has suffered whiplash from a car accident. We also try to take your lifestyle into consideration when we craft our treatment plans. We find this maximizes the effectiveness of care.

Once we have a diagnosis, we’ll sit down with you and formulate a treatment plan that addresses both your pain and symptoms. We’ll also strategize on how to best support any healing that is possible given your circumstances. Our goal is to make you as pain-free as possible and help you restore your back to proper function as much as we can.

Treatment plans can consist of a range of different approaches. These often include:

Steroid injections

Steroids are a short-term solution for pain, swelling, and discomfort that can help ease symptoms quickly and effectively.

Physical therapy or chiropractic care

Some back pain issues may be helped by physical therapy sessions or chiropractic care. Once we evaluate your condition, we can let you know if these may be avenues you can pursue for relief.

Surgical procedures

If you’re suffering from a back condition that requires direct intervention, we can perform surgery that will help alleviate the problem. Our office is fully equipped for this purpose and Dr. Kinchen is a skilled orthopaedic spine surgeon with many years of experience.


If you are experiencing muscle pain, inflammation, or spasms, medication may be prescribed that will alleviate these symptoms and help you feel better overall. Sometimes over-the-counter medications will work well, while other times we may need to address things with a more potent pain reliever. We always aim to use medication only as a stopgap method that will give patients some relief while we work on a more sustainable solution. In severe cases, some people may need to remain on these medicines for long periods of time; it depends on the individual and the condition they have.

In order to embark on a treatment plan that will help your specific needs, we’ll have you come into the office for a consultation and evaluation. Please contact our Fort Worth, TX, office to schedule an appointment by calling (682) 808-4389.

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