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What is spinal deformity?

A normal spine, when viewed from the side, has a series of curves which give it a gentle “S” shape, while it appears straight when viewed from the back. When these curves are too exaggerated, or when your spine curves the wrong direction or is rotated, this is considered a spinal deformity.

How does spinal deformity reconstruction work?

Spinal reconstruction surgery can relieve chronic pain, restore natural alignment, and improve quality of life. In general, reconstruction involves removing portions of bone to straighten the curved portion of the spine as much as possible, and using surgical hardware to keep the spine in its new configuration. Spinal reconstruction surgery can relieve chronic pain, restore mobility and function, and greatly improve your quality of life.

Common spinal deformity reconstruction procedures

The most common procedures for correcting spinal deformities and stabilizing the spine include:

Spinal Deformity Surgery

Kivi, Scoliosis Patient Post Surgery

  • Posterior column osteotomy (PCO): This procedure is often used to correct longer, more gradual curves, and removes a small amount of bone from the vertebral arch (the back of the vertebra).
  • Pedicle subtraction osteotomy (PSO): This procedure removes more bone than the PCO; it not only removes bone from the vertebral arch, it also removes the pedicles (small protrusions toward the sides of the vertebra back which connect the vertebral arch to the body of the vertebra). PSO produces a greater degree of correction than PCO.
  • Vertebral column resection (VCS): This procedure removes the most bone of all — an entire vertebra. It uses a combination of bone grafts and hardware to replace the vertebra removed and move the spine into more proper alignment.

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