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Reconstructive Spine Surgery

Reconstructive surgery usually refers to different types of fusion surgery, and is usually recommended only if both non-surgical treatments and/or minimally invasive surgery have not achieved results.

Reconstructive surgery is usually reserved for those suffering from fractures, tumors, severe stenosis, advanced degenerative disease, or failed prior back surgery. This may include severe cases of scoliosis which threaten to impinge on organ function, serious spinal deformities, spinal fractures, tumors, or advanced degenerative disc disease.

About reconstructive spine surgery

Like spinal deformity reconstruction, the specifics of the surgery depend on the problem being addressed, and may include fusing vertebrae, reshaping and stabilizing the spine with surgical hardware, removal of portions of bone and even removal of entire vertebrae. Your surgeon will discuss the surgical solutions most applicable to your case.

Reconstructive spine surgery is not a minimally invasive option. It’s usually performed in a hospital, and may require a stay of several days. Complete recovery may take several months, during which you may be prescribed physical therapy. During the first weeks, you may need to wear a supportive brace. You should not lift anything heavy, and shouldn’t drive until given the green light by your surgeon. Although the recovery process is slower than recovery after minimally invasive procedures, most people report being satisfied with results at the end of the recovery period.

Disc Replacement

Is reconstructive spine surgery an option for you?

Only a qualified doctor can tell you whether reconstructive spine surgery is the right treatment for you. However, it may be an option if:
•    You have severe degenerative disc disease, severe scoliosis, or other severe spinal deformities
•    You have a spinal tumor or tumors
•    You have a combination of spinal disorders, such as degenerative disc disease along with scoliosis
•    You’ve tried other, less invasive treatments (such as physical therapy or braces) with no relief
•    You’ve already tried minimally invasive surgery, without success
•    You’ve been diagnosed with a condition(s) that will require surgery across four or more spinal segments
•    You’ve previously had spine surgery, suffer from failed back surgery syndrome, and your pain or other symptoms are getting worse

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